Boxes and Walls

Squee! I figured out the missing part of a new display idea I want to build for next season!!

Okay, so you ever have these half-formed ideas that feel like the beginnings of a GREAT idea, but needs *something*??

I do that A LOT and back-burner mull things until something occurs (I work through a lot of jewelry designs this way), and sometimes I run across an independent idea that’s the missing puzzle piece…

So the problem has been that I need a better way to display larger neckpieces and more fragile/expensive pieces at the renfair.

The challenges are:
–wind (flat neck boards go sailing, along with jewelry, which can get bent or broken…a few okay, but don’t want tons)
–not lots of tall along back of counter (it’s already high, we stand behind, and lots of that would be in the way. A few okay, but not solid line or we can’t reach things in front)
–easy to pack up at end of day
–not vulnerable to weather (damp)
–look in keeping with renfair setting
–unique/artistic/interesting (not common looking)
–ideally protect some from dust/tarnish since larger pieces are more intricate…less cleaning

When I had my shop’s back wall behind the counters in my building ripped out and redone a couple of years ago, along adding a few new cute/quirky windows…I had an idea. What if I hung shallow display cabinets on the wall behind the counter? I normally don’t use cases since I think the jewelry sells much better if people can touch it and I like the friendlier atmosphere it gives the shop. But these would be larger pieces or more fragile that don’t need to be handled as much anyway.

…and ooh! What if, in keeping with the cute little house my shop looks like…what IF instead of just a few plain display cases, I made them interesting shapes and sizes AND made them look reminiscent of picture frames on the wall in a house, but with jewelry hung in them instead of pictures?

Hmmm…okay, so design considerations:
–easy way to add/remove/rearrange jewelry and flexible for variety of shapes/sizes
–some sort of door that won’t be obnoxious that will keep out the dust (more intricate, bigger, more expensive but also may have longer before they find their home…a door would help with cleaning dust and tarnish)
–shallow so that it’s not in our way as we walk by (especially since its in the busiest area)
–wall mounting and secure, but removable for off season
–buildable by me (can customize, make more down the road, and less expensive than commissioning them)

Some solutions:
–the easy to add/remove/rearrange…simple. Will fit interior with board covered in Velcro loop fabric yardage. Mount jewelry on my silver cardstock. Can move around at will, take out to show a customer. Cards have room for more detail (these special pieces sometimes have more info). When sold, easy to rearrange so no big holes. Various sizes can go anywhere, so flexible.

–the look…hmm, half-formed idea of modifying picture frames. Did quick look at store. Nothing commercial case-wise that really works or isn’t cheaply built AND overpriced. Want these to be durable. I can buy frames and modify. A little costly, but if on sale…hmmm…or start haunting thrift stores, get a variety for a song, then paint them similar. Interesting if each a bit different, then painting to tie together. I’m thinking base coat of dark green or black then brushed textures with bronze or copper metallic. Will mull.

–front…glass or plexiglass? Still mulling. Glass, easier to get super clean but is fragile. Plexiglas is sturdier unless a direct blow, but scratches easily. As much dust as we have, the cleaning it would take…I think it would frost up quickly from tiny scratches and be just as “fragile” when moving because of avoiding accidentally gouging it. I think I’m leaning toward glass and replace with plexiglas if it breaks. Will research tempered glass or display case type glass costs. Would be worth price if stronger if not toooo dear.

–the construction…have a half-idea of a hinged side that opens.
Hm, which way? Will mull.
Have glass over frame? Hinge how? Hardware?
How deep then should frames/cases be by the time add depth of fabric board, Velcro, jewelry, stones? Not too shallow, but too deep in way. And find frames that deep? More limiting. Hm. Store-bought shadow boxes start getting costly and tend to be plain. Not quite right.
And look of adding glass on top of or just inside frame? And mechanics. I’m handy and can figure out a lot, but feeling fiddly here. Hm.
And closure…latch or what?
Opening…knob (could catch our clothing going by, latch…how/where to attach)
And how to mount on wall (plus wall is concrete board) so steady while there but removable for storage off season

Hmmmm…the overall idea I’m loving BUT the construction isn’t quite gelling. Onto the backburner…

Squeee!! (and DUH! *headsmack*)

The answer:
Make shadow-box BEHIND the frame, put the frame (the ENTIRE frame/glass is door) with normal glass as usual on top, hinge hidden behind frame connecting to box, magnetic closure. The interior Velcro board as planned.

Here’s the video I ran across today that made everything gel:

Neat idea. Of course the interior of hers isn’t what I need (though cool) but the rest of the construction, I can totally do.

AND bonus, I see a new tool in my future! (happy dance!) …corner clamp 🙂

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