FSOJ’06,wk3: Synergy

Hairpiece_coppersilver_mal I debated on what I wanted to post for week 3’s theme, synergy.  I finally decided that the perfect thing was a piece of jewelry I’ve been working on for a good part of the summer in fabrication class (my first project) and actually just finished this week.  Good timing.

Originally the first project was supposed to be a cuff bracelet, but I figured I’d wear a piece in my hair a lot more (long hair) and I made it more complicated than it would have been by adding  the stones, texturing and shaping.

The synergy is the combining of the copper, fine and sterling silver and stones to create something altogether different than the individual components.  It was a good learning project, especially getting the bezels shaped top and bottom to fit the curve of the piece and the curve of the stones.  Very subtle shaping, and I think some of my wire experience was an unexpected help there since I was already very used to making very tiny tiny subtle adjustments.  I was going for a fairly organic  look and love the mix of the silver and copper peeking out here and there, and all the texture on top.   Some of the silver I sprinkled was some of my wire scraps from wire wrap.  I thought it’d be a nice personal touch for my first fabricated piece.

I still need to finish several picks to go through the holes on either side to keep it in my hair.  One I’m going to do is from wire (ss and malachite, maybe pearls too).  Another, I’m going to beat up some heavier gauge copper wire to make it look like a stick of driftwood.  I also made earrings to go with this piece.  I’ll eventually put the rest of the pics and details for anyone who wants to see the rest of the set when it’s done. 

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