Jewelry Info


I individually handcraft each piece of wire jewelry from gold-filled or sterling silver wire and semi-precious stones, using only pliers, no glue, solder or casting. I specialize in custom work, your stones or mine. Please contact me if you’d like to explore having something designed especially for you.

Wire jewelry is an ancient craft that has been documented back to Bronze Age in Europe and to ancient Egypt. I gain inspiration from many sources–it could be a delicate filigree pin from the Renaissance or other historical periods, the bold modern lines of sweeping geometric shapes, or the graceful curves and movement of vines and growing things. I create a wide variety rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, earcuffs, pins and more.


During April and May, we can be found at Scarborough Renaissance Festival in Waxahachie, TX. My shop is located in Holly Field (left half of the festival) and is Shop #35, Slightly Twisted.

Any time of the year, you are welcome to set up an appointment to come by my home studio and look at what is currently available or discuss a custom piece. We are located in Lewisville, Texas (Dallas-Fort Worth area).

Design Gallery

Check out the Gallery page for examples of my jewelry designs. Right now it’s more a gallery of styles, rather than a gallery of what’s available. Contact me if something catches your eye. Some things are very one-of-a-kind, usually due to the stone, but we may could work up something similar.

Custom Work

I specialize in custom designs and delight in working with someone to create that special piece. Have you ever seen a unique stone at a gemshow, rock shop or while traveling, but didn’t have a way to wear it? Bring it by my shop at the renfair or contact me for a studio appointment and we can collaborate on a design for YOUR stone. On any piece, I’m happy to use your stones or mine.

For custom work, the gallery should give you a reasonable idea of my style and some designs. A lot is determined by the stone, the look you’re going for, and your budget. Some stones lend themselves to a particular style, and some will work in several ways. I can generally give you a rough idea of the base price of the style, then it’s plus whatever the stone costs. I figure the price of everything as the style plus the stone. If it’s your stone, then it’s just whatever the work costs. On something a little more outside my regular designs, I usually give a price range, take a down-payment, then we settle up when it’s done. I also do layaway.